Bets and Brackets coming in June

Indiana Grand is offering a few new contests this year during the 120-day racing season. One of those contests is “Bets and Brackets,” which will run from Friday, June 1 to Friday, Aug. 17. The contest will place handicappers in a head to head competition each week leading up to the $1,000 final. The Final Four contestants will receive cash prizes.

Bets and Brackets will be a 12 week contest beginning Friday, June 1, offering a chance for fans to handicap against one another as they try to make it all the way to the $1,000 Championship set for Friday, Aug. 17.

“Bets and Brackets” is based off the popular “Handicapping Hysteria” contest held at Winner’s Circle OTB Indianapolis. Designed by Kyle Waggoner, vice president of Winners Circle Operations, the contest plays off the NCAA tournament brackets and has space for 64 players leading up to the final two for the championship.

At Indiana Grand, players will begin signing up for the 12-week contest Friday, May 18. The first 64 players will be accepted up to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 29. During the racing program, a draw will take place to determine the positions players are assigned to on the brackets. The first head-to-head competition will be the top left bracket on Friday, June 1 with the second week focused on the bottom left bracket and so on. Beginning July 27, 16 players will be left in the competition and will compete to the final Friday, August 17. The contest is based on single elimination. Winner’s Circle Clarksville will also hold a “Bets and Brackets” at their facility separate from Indiana Grand’s contest.

Players will accumulate points on their selections for races 3 – 7 each Friday during the contest. Points will be allotted on the outcome of a players selections with play based on the individual winners selected. If there is a tie, then the player with the largest accumulated payouts will win. If there is still a tie, then a tiebreaker will go into effect on Race 8 with players selecting a straight pentafecta (top five finishers). Points will be allotted with first place receiving 20 points, second place receiving 10 points, third place receiving three points, fourth place receiving two points and fifth place receiving one point. Players will be allotted points for every slot they correctly pick. For instance, if they choose horse no. 2 to finish fourth, they will receive two points regardless of the outcome of the rest of their selections.

The Final Four contestants will receive cash prizes with $1,000 going to the top player, $500 to the second place player, $250 to third and $125 to fourth place. The same contest payouts will apply to the “Bets and Brackets” contest at Winner’s Circle Clarksville.

For more information, stop by Club Centaur Rewards on the first floor for details.