New wager offered at Indiana Grand

Indiana Grand has a new wager for 2016. The “Grand High 5,” also known as a pentafecta, is offered daily on Races 4 and 8. Racing fans must choose the top five official finishers in order to cash in on the “Grand High 5” wager at Indiana Grand.

The “Grand High 5” is a single race wager that begins daily with Race 4. As long as the race offers eight different begging interests at the start, the wager is valid. It is a 10 cent minimum straight wager, and the takeout is the same as all other exotic wagers at Indiana Grand with a 21.5 percent takeout.

The “Grand High 5” is not a jackpot pool. If there are multiple winning tickets, the pool will be split amongst the winning tickets. If there is no winning “Grand High 5” wager, then the pool goes into a carryover for Race 8 on the program, as long as there is a minimum required starters in that race. If there is no winner after Race 8, then the entire pool is carried over to the next live racing program for Race 4. There is no consolation payout for the “Grand High 5.”

If there are scratches in any of the “Grand High 5” races, there will be a refund of bets involving the scratched betting interest.

The “Grand High 5” joins a similar new wager offered at Hoosier Park in 2016, the “Hoosier High 5,” which is also a pentafecta. However, on races involving the “Hoosier High 5” at Hoosier Park, there is no superfecta wagering offered on that race. At Indiana Grand, the superfecta stays in place on races involving the “Grand High 5.”

The “Grand High 5” is the only change to the wagering format at Indiana Grand in 2016. Other exotics offered daily include 50 cent trifectas, 10 cent superfectas, $2 rolling Daily Doubles ($1 wheel), 50 cent rolling Pick 3, 50 cent Pick 4 starting on race 2 and race 5, and the $1 Pick 6 starting on Race 3.

Once again in 2016, Indiana Grand is teaming up with to offer added incentives to players who wager on the races through their platform. offers double points on all races on every live racing card during the 2016 meet. In addition, they offer a 10 percent Pick 4 Bonus during the season, meaning all qualified players who cash a winning Pick 4 ticket earn a bonus equal to 10 percent of the gross winnings, up to $500 per player per night. is also partnering with Indiana Grand on specialty events, including this past weekend. The opening weekend promotion titled the “2 Million Points Racing Rachel Challenge” where players tried to out select Rachel McLaughlin’s win bets to earn a share of 1 million points on both Friday, April 22 and again on Saturday, April 23. A total of 48 players picked more winners on the Friday, April 22 card and a total of 25 players had higher gross payouts for their win wagers on Saturday, April 23. will also offer added bonuses for specialty days such as Indiana Derby Saturday, July 16 and Centaur Stakes Day Wednesday, Sept. 7 in 2016.