Team Indiana Grand goes to Hoosier Park for Saturday Shootout

by Rose Flood, Hoosier Park Race Marketing Department

Hoosier Park Racing & Casino played host to the $5,000 Saturday Shootout handicapping contest finale on Saturday, Aug. 4. Team Hoosier Park took home the victory for the second consecutive year. In its fourth edition, Team Indiana Grand traveled to Hoosier Park for the final showdown and put their handicapping skills to the test.

Team Indiana Grand (pictured to the right of the big check) competed in the 4th annual Saturday Shootout with Hoosier Park Saturday, Aug. 4. Representatives of Indiana Grand included Oscar Bowman (holding end of check), Charles Smothers, Scot Shewman, Mike Berger and Rosalie Smothers. (Photo by Linscott Photography)

The contest featured races three through six at both Hoosier Park and Indiana Grand and players earned and accumulated mythical winnings based on their handicapping selections on the designated races from both tracks. The winning team split the $5,000 grand prize while the second place team received $1,000.

The five member team consisting of Sara Eldridge, Connie Harold, James Wilkinson, John Burnett and James Gosselin accumulated $284.00 for Team Hoosier Park compared to Team Indiana Grand’s tally of $230.60 to share the $5,000 Grand Prize.

The contest began in mid June with four preliminary rounds. Players selected one horse from four races at Hoosier Park and four races at Indiana Grand and accumulated the payouts on their selections when they finished first or second. After the final preliminary round Saturday, July 7, which was a Quarter Horse Night at Indiana Grand giving players an additional handicapping challenge, the top five players from each location advanced to the final, which rotates from year to year between Indiana Grand and Hoosier Park.

Wilkinson, who is from Elk Grove, Calif., came to Indiana five years ago to train Standardbreds. This is the third consecutive year he has qualified for the Saturday Shootout Final and represented Team Hoosier Park. Wilkinson also has 4 wins on the season as a trainer at Hoosier Park. 

“He’s being modest,” joked Wilkinson when Gosselin tried to be humble about the victory. “He had a great night handicapping. We all shared the weight and we all had fun. It’s an honor to be a part of this contest.”

Team Indiana Grand consisted of Oscar Bowman, Rosalie Smothers, Mike Berger, Charles Smothers and Scot Shewman. For many, it was their first trip to Hoosier Park this season.

“I hadn’t been to Hoosier Park in a long time,” said Bowman. “Everyone was really nice and we had a great time. This is a fun contest—it’s fun to try to handicap both Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds.”

Each member of Team Hoosier Park received $1,000 plus an individual trophy. The nearly four foot traveling trophy will return to Hoosier Park until next year’s battle for Saturday Shootout, which will be held at Indiana Grand. Hoosier Park won the inaugural contest in 2015 while the team from Indiana Grand won the contest in 2016.