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Dave Stroud, a retired school teacher, put his math skills to the test in the second annual 007 Jock’s Agent Contest to claim the top prize of $1,000. Stroud was crowned the winner during Corntastic Saturday, Aug. 26 to take home the top prize and a trophy.


Dave Stroud of Indianapolis was the winner in the second annual 007 Jock’s Agent Contest. Nancy Holthus, on-air paddock analyst, made the winner’s circle presentation Saturday, Aug. 26 during Corntastic. (Photo by Cassidy Shauck)

The 007 Jock’s Agent Contest began July 1 and concluded Aug. 25. During that time frame, players selected two jockeys to represent, earning points by the amount of combined purse earnings between the two jockeys selected. In a twist, each player received five “fire” cards and could switch up the jockeys representing them at any time, which required strategy throughout the contest.

 “I started out with Katie Clawson and Fernando De La Cruz,” said Stroud. “They took me into Indiana Derby and then I changed to (Mario) Guiterrez and Brian Hernandez. Both of them did really well on Indiana Derby Night and that raised me into the top five. After that, I switched back to De La Cruz and DeShawn Parker and they got me into the lead.”

 With one “fire” card left, Stroud knew he had to make his decision wisely for the remainder of the contest.


After six weeks of competition, Diana Chaney was crowned the winner of the 007 Jock’s Agent Contest at Indiana Grand Saturday, May 28. The contest allowed players to choose two jockeys to represent from the local colony. They had five “fire” cards in which they could change jockeys as the contest progressed to try to earn as much money in their bankroll as possible. However, Chaney chose to stick with her initial two jockeys and prevailed in a late rush to the top to take home the top prize of $1,000.

“I chose (Albin) Jimenez and (Fernando) De La Cruz and stuck with them the whole time,” said Chaney. “I really like both of them and use them when I’m betting on races.”

A native of Shelbyville, Chaney is a longtime horseplayer. She attends the races every week at the track and plays in a lot of the free on-track contests offered to fans. She has won smaller amounts before, but this is the first grand prize she has won at Indiana Grand.

“I won the Sur-5-vor contest one time, but this is by far the biggest prize I have won,” said Chaney. “I have been going to the races since I was about five years old. My entire family used to go to Louisville Downs and Scioto Downs and other tracks when I was growing up. I actually like to handicap the harness a little better, but I like the Thoroughbreds too.”

Chaney joins several of her family members at the track each week to watch and wager on the horse races. She has five living brothers, each who share her passion for the sport. In fact, her brother, Lawrence Smothers, finished second in the contest in a tie with Greg Cook. Each player took home $300 for their second place finish.